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World Taekwondo

Taekwondo, the art of striking with the hand & foot, was originated and developed in Korea. This martial art has grown into a popular international sport with millions of participants worldwide. World Taekwondo Legitimacy: Our Olympic Sport Taekwondo curriculum is a worldwide standard in our training for belt ranking and competition readiness. This type of program stands out in the community of other taekwondo schools and martial arts, especially for children & their athletic opportunities. This comprehensive program offers advanced-level Olympic Style Competition sparring training to sharpen all aspects of sparring skills.

We participate in World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) sanctioned Olympic Style taekwondo competitions which includes local, District, Regional, National & Junior Olympic Games. Any current college students training can be qualified to compete in the National Collegiate Taekwondo Championship under NCTA; and any high school students qualified for the National High School Championship.

Preschool Program: We are the only facility in the area to evaluate & accept children as early as 3 years old. Our curriculum is designed to help preschoolers develop their basic motor and listening skills. They are also taught the importance of respect, manners & family values. Youth Program: Our classes offer different levels that will support their development of taekwondo skills, discipline, concentration and life-long values. Our training principles reflect primary on Discipline & Behavior.

Korea Combat Sport

Klckboxlng is a term referring to a group of Martial Arts and stand-up Combat Sports based on kicking and punching. It is a competitive full contact sport where two combatants fight against each other using certain rules of engagement.

Types of kickboxing styles: Muay Thai (Thai Boxing), Sanda I San Shou (Chinese Style),K-1 Rules (Japanese), Shoot Boxing (Japanese), Dutch Klckboxlng (European), International Rules (Freestyle), & Full Contact Kick boxing (American). In Korea Combat Sport, fighters use punches, kicks & knees. This free style fighting is very adaptive to competitive fighting.

Our KCS training program is driven by the intense body conditioning, bag & mitt drills to practice fighting basics & combinations; integrated pad work, partner drills and various levels of sparring (not required). Sparring is NOTrequired. Our sparring sessions are conducted under safe and controlled conditions to put your techniques to the test and try it. Light-Contact sparring is with NO face attacks & controlled power rules. Optional Full-Contact sparring is with amateur kickboxing rules, providing more intense experience!

PowerFit Kickboxing

Our PowerFit Klckboxing class emphasizes on real kickboxing fundamentals, real conditioning, all in a highly structured program! This program offers a challenge and also a little edge to get you the best shape of your life!

PowerFit Klckboxlng includes kickboxing conditioning, isometrics, ply metrics, resistance movements, interval circuit training that will change the focus from how you look to what your body can do!

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