SUBJECT:             Laws, Rules and Regulations

  1. How ancient are Grand Lodges? How ancient in their present form?
  2. Are they autocratic or representative? How many Lodges may form one? How?
  3. What were the old Assemblies?
  4. Who approves of the By-Laws of a Lodge?
  5. How many kinds of laws do we possess? Describe each class.
  6. Do we need so much legislation?
  7. From what does the term “Landmark” originate?
  8. How many are there? How old are they? Why cannot they be changed?
  9. Who first enumerated them? How can they be recognized?
  10. Give a list of them and discuss each one. Are they uniform everywhere?
  11. Note the “Landmarks” that the Grand Lodge of Ohio approved.
  12. Is there any other kind of Lodge than a Chartered Lodge?
  13. How is a Lodge legally constituted?
  14. When is a Lodge regular? Why?
  15. In what three ways is the word “Lodge” used? How is it derived?
    Discuss the various kinds of Lodges. E.A. & F.C. can there be such Lodges?
    How should minutes read regarding them? In fact, can there be anything but a Lodge of Master Masons?
  16. How does Parliamentary Law relate to Masonic Law? When may it be laid aside?
  17. What is fundamental law? Where found? By whom written? Is it Masonic?
  18. Is Freemasonry a system of morals? What is the method of instruction? How illustrated?
  19. Is the Bible the Law? Or are the principles it teaches the law?
  20. Describe the York and Scottish Rite Degrees.
  21. How are Masonic Bodies governed?
  22. What is the jurisdiction of a Lodge?
  23. How do the York and Scottish Rite differ in their type of government?
  24. Who comprises the Grand Lodge of Ohio?
  25. Note the peculiar method described of using a demit.

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

Mackey's Jurisprudence

Grand Lodge of Ohio
Grand Lodge Code

Henry Wilson Coil
Coil's Encyclopedia

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