This course is taken from a copyrighted Syllabus of Masonic Study prepared by The National Masonic Research Society of St. Louis. 40 lessons in the course, cover 8 per year – 5 years to complete course of instruction as presented to the lodges between 1962-1973 by the Cleveland Masonic Library.

THE WORK OF A LODGE (This part covers the general history and conception of Lodges)

  • 1. The Lodge - Foundations

    The Lodge – Foundations and Fundamentals;
    Masonic Halls and Temples, Lodge Rooms and Orientation

  • 2. Laws, Rules and Regulations

    Laws, Rules and Regulations
    Study of the Laws, Landmarks, By-laws and Regulations of the Grand Lodge of Ohio and the Lodge

  • 3. The Officers and their Duties

    The Officers and their Duties
    Their various rights and duties

  • 4. Ceremonies of a Lodge

    Ceremonies of a Lodge;
    Opening; Closing; Calling Off; Calling On; Due Form; Dedications; Installations; Processions; Refreshments; and Lodge Meetings – “Regular” – “Stated” – “Called” - “Special”.

  • 5. Symbolical Masonry

    Ceremonial and Symbolical Masonry

  • Bonus. 2020 Update

    The Work of a Lodge
    2020 Update

THE LODGE AND THE CANDIDATE (This part refers to pre-degree relationship)

  • 8. The Degrees

    The Degrees
    Entered Apprentice Fellow Craft, and Master Mason;
    Initiation in general;
    Ritual (Uniformity of, and The "Webb-Preston" work in America);
    Rites; and Side Degrees.

  • Bonus. 2020 Update

    The Lodge and the Candidate
    2020 Update


  • 9. Preparation

    Preparation: Physical (1. Clothing, 2. Discalceation, 3. Hoodwink, 4. Cable Tow) Mental (Motives: a. Freewill and accord and b. Taking Masonry seriously); Proper treatment of candidate in preparation room; and Symbolical meaning of ceremony as a whole.

  • 10. Entrance and Reception

    Entrance and Reception (sought by Candidate)

  • 11. Prayer

    Prayer (a) Every important undertaking begins with prayer. (b) Candidates participation is his first act in the Lodge. (c) Kneeling posture. (d) "Amen" “So mote it be” (e) Trust (faith) (f) History of the use and evolution of prayer. (g) Suggest questions provoking a discussion of the meaning and value of prayer to the brethren.

  • 12. Circumambulation

    Circumambulation (a) History of the rite of Circumambulation. (b) Opportunity for inspection by the Craft. (c) Obstructions Offered. (d) Foreglow of other rites of Freemasonry. (e) Reaffirmation of freewill. (f) Co-operation with the forces of nature the real significance of this as of all other ritualism.

  • 13. Approaching the East

    Approaching the East

  • 14. The Altar

    The Altar
    History, Importance and Purpose

  • 15. Obligation

    Oath, Secrecy and Obligation

  • 16. The Lights

    The Lights
    Bible, Compasses, Fixed Lights, Lesser Lights, Greater, Square and Compasses

  • 17. Signs, Words, Tokens, Salutations

    Signs, Words, Tokens, Salutations
    Symbolic and Real purpose

  • 18. The Apron

    The Apron
    History, evolution, symbolism and comparison

  • 19. North East Corner

    The Northeast Corner
    North East
    Upright Posture
    Symbolic Cornerstone
    Apprentice, a Cornerstone of Masonry

  • 20. Working Tools

    Working Tools Having shown the candidate his place and his proper function we provide him with the following working tools: Gavel - Hammer with a cutting edge. Twenty-four gauge. Jointly they give us symmetry (but not uniformity) Read the history of the twenty-four-inch rule. Is it Modern? When did our 12- inch foot originate? Is it older than Masonic tradition? What connection between the 12 inches and the 12 hours of the day? Is this symbolism entirely artificial?

  • Bonus. 2020 Update

    The Entered Apprentice Degree
    2020 Update


  • Bonus. 2020 Update

    The Fellowcraft Degree
    2020 Update


  • Bonus. 2020 Update

    The Master Mason Degree
    2020 Update

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