SUBJECT:             The Lodge – Foundations and Fundamentals;
                                Masonic Halls and Temples, Lodge Rooms and Orientation

  1. What do we sacrifice on our Altar? Discuss age and form.
  2. Who is the Builder? Anciently? Today?
  3. What degree has the Chisel? (a) America? (b) England?
  4. Discuss three of the symbolical teachings of cornerstone.
  5. Why are Corn, Wine and Oil valued? How does each instruct us?
  6. What is the difference between dedication and consecration?
  7. Read the dedication of the two Saints John.
  8. Discuss these two Saints and their Festivals.
  9. Regarding the Depth of the Lodge, why the center?
  10. Regarding the Extent of Lodge, what does this symbolize?
  11. Read reference aloud regarding the Northeast Corner. Note its symbolism.
  12. The Oil of what?
  13. Discuss processions. Are they in favor now? Why or Why not?
  14. Read Job 38: 4-7. How important is stone of Foundation? Discuss.
  15. Wine of what?
  16. Read Street’s pages 54-56 Note 3 necessaries, hill, valleys.
  17. How does Lodge symbolize the world?
  18. Discuss orientation and shape of ancient world.
  19. Describe organization of Society of Traveling Freemasons. Mackey’s pages 62-65.
  20. What does each Mason symbolize? Mackey’s pages 100-105.
  21. Why did Masonry select King Solomon’s Temple? Why not others?
  22. Note rebirth and regeneration.
  23. Discuss and connect – loga, logos, lodge and logia.
  24. Note tents and temporary lodges. Who so received our work?
  25. Do the common ordinary people walk in closer communion with the Living God than did the ancient Egyptians?

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

Altar, Builder, Chisel, Cornerstone, Wine and Oil, Dedication, Lodge, Processions, Stone of Foundation

Symbolism of the Three Degrees

Pages 54-56, 59-61 and 83.

Symbolism of Freemasonry

Pages 63 and 101

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